Proljeće koje blista/ Spring that sparkles

Moje želje, visoka su trava:
Dosegnuvši vrhunac, pokošene su.
Da bi ozelenjele s novog proljeća.

Painting by Blake Flynn


Six degrees of separation in practice

A long time ago I noticed that, very often, when I met someone for the first time, I found out that they knew someone I already knew. Usually, we said: such a small world. But lately, I know people who know some other people who know me and they all live in different parts of the world. Indeed, the world is small, but in a much bigger sense. Just yesterday a friend told me about somebody’s teenager that, apparently, committed suicide (jumped from the third floor). As we talked about it, she mentioned the family’s last name and I recognized it: I had met the unfortunate mother few years ago. I had had no idea that my friend knew her as well. This is only the newest example, and I could go on and on about many more. So, are we really only six people removed from somebody else? Is it possible? And how so?

Painting by Helen Davidson


For you, Renee


A bubble bath

When I think about what I like the most, few things come to my mind: reading a good book, drinking good coffee, listening to music and taking a long bubble bath. Yes, a bubble bath. In it, I only do not drink coffee, but I certainly read and listen to music. Triple pleasure. It started when children were young and exhausting and I hadn’t any time for myself at all. Well, taking a bath was a legitimate “alone” time and I used it asoften as possible and permissible. Nevertheless, when children grew older, they stopped caring for my bath retreat and just came barging in with their demands, problems, stories, complaints. Luckily, these times are gone as well and I can enjoy my bath again to my heart’s content. Also, when I feel down, I head straight for the bathroom, light all lights and open all the faucets. Light, sound of water, green of my bathroom plants – all that makes me infinitely better at once. And then, when I put Fenjal oil bath into the water, I feel whole again. I grant you, Fenjal does not bubble, but its smell is divine and reminds me of my youth and many other wonderful things. 

Painting by Vincent Fantauzzo