Lost birthdays

Today, my school friend would have a birthday. I always remember, although he died so long ago. Whenever I think of him, I think of one early morning before the school and how I ran through dewy grass to have breakfast with him and his sister (my parents were away). I think of him throwing chocolate bon-bons at my window in hope to see me and win me over with his offer. I was asleep and knew nothing. We remained friends. I was at his wedding. Our young families and children visited each other. He died and left a very small son and a wife who died few years later. A lifetime ago. Each birthday I feel his mother's pain. I feel sad and full of memories. My friend, I remember you. Zdravo, prijatelju.

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Renee kaže...

Oh no and his wife died too. Oh no I am so sad to hear especially when someone dies so young.

Love Renee xoxo