The last

You've been the love of my life for so long, but not any more, not for quite some time. Maybe I should be sad, but, at the most, I feel relieved. Empty, but relieved. At this lonely moment I think of someone else who is gone really forever. Who knew that he would stay on this Earth only for a briefe time? When I think of the things we did together, I feel pain and sadness. I do not think of him often, I forget that he is gone, dead, lost. I loved him very, very much. My young, unspoiled heart aches still. Was he the last?

2 komentari:

Renee kaže...

The painting is incredible.

Your words of each day being the first and the last, beautiful and I need to remember them.

Happy New Year Darling.

Love Renee xoxo

Sanela Mallory kaže...

Sve najbolje u Novoj godini:)